shit tankies say


  • Tienanmen was organized by liberals
  • The DPRK is an ideal Marxist-Leninist State
  • Trans women destroy the female image
  • The only person Stalin killed was Trotsky
  • Fascism is not that bad
  • Hussein was an anti-fascist
  • Gay people aren’t killed in Iran

Yeah, the only problem is that literally no one says any of this. I don’t think anyone who thinks this is funny or correct knows what “tankies” are. This post is ridiculous.

Also, Stalin didn’t kill Trotsky.



From: On the Draft Constitution of the U.S.S.R.
By: Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
Published: Women and Communism, Lawrence & Wishart, London, 1950;

Constitution of the U.S.S.R., Article 122:

Women in the U.S.S.R. are accorded equal rights with men in all spheres of…



* Comment from
* I post the following two documents from the
* International Working Men’s Association,
* which Marx and Engels were both a part of,
* to illustrate a move towards a Leninist-like
* conception of a Vanguard Party within

Drew my coworker looking at inventory and prices.

Drew my coworker looking at inventory and prices.



From: Lenin’s Collected Works, 4th English Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965, Volume 30, page 371-372
By: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Published: Pravda, February 22, 1920

Comrades, the elections to the Moscow Soviet show that the Party of the Communists is gaining strength…


"There will be no cup"

To demonstrate opposition to the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, protests, strikes and direct actions have been sweeping Brazil in massive numbers. Occupying a space next to Arena Corinthians in São Paolo, where the first match will be held, over 10,000 people are protesting in the name of Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MTST). Around the rest of Brazil, such as in Rio de Janeiro, countless others are organizing smaller protests against the government. 

Their slogan is #NãoVaiTerCopa, or “There will be no Cup.” MTST coordinator Maria das Dores Cirqueira summarizes their grievances telling the LA Times, “When the government told us we would host the World Cup, we hoped there would be improvements for us. But they aren’t putting on a Cup for the people, they’re putting on a Cup for the gringos.”

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From: On Authority
By: Frederick Engels
Published: 1874 in the Italian, Almanacco Republicano

Why do the anti-authoritarians not confine themselves to crying out against political authority, the state? All Socialists are agreed that the political state, and with it political…


A North Korean singer said to be leader Kim Jong-un’s former girlfriend and rumoured to have been executed last year has appeared on state television, apparently alive and well.

Pyongyang’s state TV showed Hyon Song-wol, the head of a band known as Moranbong, delivering a speech at a national art workers rally in Pyongyang on Friday.

She expressed gratitude for Kim’s leadership and pledged to work harder to “stoke up the flame for art and creative work”.

Her appearance came after months of speculation about whether she was alive.

Japan’s Asahi Shimbun and South Korean media said in September that Hyon, members of the Unhasu Orchestra and other state musicians had been executed by firing squad for taping themselves having sex.

South Korea’s spy chief Nam Jae-joon added weight to the reports when he said in October that he was “aware” of the alleged execution.

"We are aware of the execution of some 10 people associated with the Unhasu Orchestra", two MPs quoted Nam as saying at a closed door parliamentary session, according to Yonhap news agency.

The Asahi said the rare execution of state performers had been ordered to prevent rumours spreading about the supposedly decadent lifestyle of North Korean first lady Ri Sol-ju while she was an entertainer.

North Korea angrily denied the reports, calling them an “unpardonable” crime.

Lesson, for the umpteenth time: Never believe ANYTHING the Western media and its south Korean puppets say about People’s Korea.

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